Formerly an Electrical Engineer from Imperial College London, I now build data and analytics services at Tails.com. I’m a maintainer of Sqlfluff, and a frequent contributor to Meltano and Great Expectations.

I play the piano and listen to an eclectic range of music from house (Detroit Swindle being my favourite DJ’s), to jazz standards and blues (big John Mayer fan). I recently went through a Triathlon phase, completing a half ironman, and go to the climbing wall regularly too.

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is the process of maximising an organisation’s ability to utilise data both proficiently and creatively through accessible, reliable and performant tools and services.

I’m excited by the ‘modern data stack’ and the ever-increasing rate at which new ideas come into being. I love to learn and meet new people, if you also find the above interesting let’s chat!