Niall Rees Woodward


2020 – Synthsense – Wireless Power and Control Group, Imperial College London

I’m developing a route planning and data consumption app with Electron and React.js for a ‘synthetic’ sensor network, where a drone inductively recharges and exchanges data with off-grid sensors. Applications include inaccessible locations or distributed monitoring, where a single battery charge or energy harvesting can’t provide sufficient power. Think pipelines, environmental monitoring and suchlike.

2019 – Data Engineering at

In the third year of my degree I received an offer to work as a data engineer for Nested, a new, data-driven online estate agent. I continued to work remotely during part of my final year. During my time there I became confident with:

2018 – BikeSafe – Smart Concealed Bike Tracker

Second year group project designing, prototyping and programming a discrete tracking solution to allow victims of theft to retrieve their stolen bicycles. By implementing a low power design and a high capacity 18650B Li-Ion cell, a battery life of over a week was realised. A Firebase implemented Android app was developed using the Google Maps API, allowing real time overlays of bike location. Communication between the tracker and phone was achieved with GSM, chosen due to the minimal bandwidth requirements, range and low power use.

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